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Rest In Power. Legends Never Die. Memorial Show Pre-Orders are Now Available at: Proceeds Going to the Kenadee Lucker Education Fund Coming February 18, 2014 to CD/BLU-RAY & CD/DVD EU Release Date is March 17, 2014 Directed By: Jeremy Schott Edited By: Jeremy Schott Camera By: Jeremy Schott / Steven Burhoe

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I've only liked Suicide Silence a year. Listened to the Black Crown then other albums. But I remember when he died. I was into punk pop like All Time Low and shit like that. My friend who loved metal was crying. I cried with her. I didn't know why we were crying but then I learned. After listening and beginning to love what Suicide Silence created, just the thought of Mitch broke my heart. So for two years. I always stop what I'm doing. Close my eyes and always say the same thing " I miss you. But I'll see you one day. Whether it's 80 years from now or 8 minutes from now. Rest in peace." Mitch Lucker deserved so much more time on this earth. But I hope he'd stomping up in heaven. Rest in peace Mitch. Emily Sulkowski
Mitch Lucker deserved to dieMegaGoodoldtimes
Mitch lucker is the best, Eddie is just awful, Suicide Silence is currently dead nowadaysRebeca Espadas Anderson
After a band member dies you don't replace them you either take down the band or carry on without him and make someone else do the vocals.The new front man for suicide silence is shit and he just took away all the excitement from the band.Eddie will never ever scream like Mitch.Mitch is the one who made suicide silence amazing you cant carry on what he did there is just no point.Niamh Carden
I've only been a suicide silence fan for a year now but I love them and have all their albums. Mitch seems like a legend, A real nice down to earth guy. A guy you would love to have a pint with. A guy that treats his fans as his family while musicians like justin bieber treat his fans like shit by turning up 2 hours late to a concert then saying that there whinny gets more fans and respect the mitch and suicide silence do. Yes I like Eddie as with out eddie suicide silence would be dead but Mitch will always be the best. RIP Mitch Lucker. PsychZombie06
I can't believe it's been two years already. :(. We all miss you Mitch. Rest in power.aiyana hicken
Ok you guys say eddie is shit no he's not he's good yes he's not Mitch no one will be as good as Mitch but he's not shit he's good you say your fans then stick with the fucking band. The band was not just Mitch I'm probably going to get hate for that but he is gone very sadly and he'd probably want the band to go on making music I'm not him so I don't know but stop hating on Eddie he's good yes he's not Mitch but he's good if you were into the band just for Mitch get out your not a true fan And let the hate on me begin martin janecke
Mitch even though your gone your legacy will carry onGabriel Lewis
All this shit about which singer is better.You Can't Stop Me is their best album in years,but that isn't saying much either because deathcore still sucks.McInsane
I guess Mitch lucker didn't have too much luck... codster guitaristHD
Mitch luker sucks ball!! fucking poser!!! just like everyone of you hardcore kids, you cocksuker sucks ball!!!!Wahyu Biantara
Eddie:replacement for Mitch! Mitch: legend, great person, role model, the person that saved my life! Im only 13 but in LOVE with punk rock/ heavy metal shit! R.I.P Mitch! LEGENDS NEVER DIE! Dana Barnes
I met Mitch after a show in Wolverhampton quite a few years ago with Devildriver. He was actually the most down to earth person I ever spoke to (as far as meeting members of bands go) I've met quite a few but he really stood out in the way he came across as a person, he truly gave a fuck about anyone who was a fan of SS. For those of you who say he deserved to die, wtaf is wrong with you!! The only people that truly deserve to die are paedophiles and rapists, yes he was stupid for getting drunk and then taking his bike out there's no denying that especially when he knew what he would be leaving behind! But he didn't deserve to die, no way! And ffs I wish people would stop bashing Eddie give the guy a fucking break. Mitch would not have wanted for SS to break up, he would of wanted them to continue, fair play to Eddie for stepping up to the plate! R.I.P Mitch Lucker, we still miss you!Scott Hayfield
Role model?? This guy gets drunk and mad then jumps on his bike( weapon) and ends up dead. Lucky he didnt kill someone. Im sorry but he obviously was a childish moron that had no control. And as far as a vocalist, he didnt impress!! I hate singers that cup the mic and think they are death metal. Sorry but his band was the only good part of SS !!Adam Oldershaw
Mitch is and was a special guy ♡♥ we love you and miss you you will never be forgottenLaura dove
Its just sad :/ its been so long still can't get use to the fact his dead . suicide silence won't ever be the same but I will always support them ❤ legends never die! RIP Mitch ❤❤ Mariah Soto Cx
They said Mitch had a daughter when he was 21 but she was born in 2007.. doesn't that mean he was 26 when he died? am I missing something?summercide
We aren't dissing Eddie because he took the position as frontman after Mitch died. Get over yourselves. Aria Memolo
Still don't like his music.midnight_storm_
People who disrespect Mitch Lucker sicken me to be honest. He didn't deserve to die. Nobody does unless you took a life away from someone else purposely and for your own enjoyment. Mitch was good to his fans and respected them, his friends, his family, and his bandmates. Does a guy who knows how to be human TRULY deserve to die? Okay he made a mistake. But don't we all? And so what if he wasn't the best vocalist in your opinion? Doesn't mean he isn't good to someone else. He was a good person. That's what makes him the best in my opinion. Because most bands will put on an ACT in front of their fans then treat em like dirt later. It's pretty fucking brutal to me that someone can actually treat others well no matter how bad of a rep they got for any of the mistakes they've made. So go ahead and let the hate comments come at me. But to go and say someone deserved to die because of a mistake? Or because their vocal stylings weren't good? That's fucking pathetic. May Mitch Lucker rest in peace and be resurrected just as amazing as he was in this life.KaylaRawrzYewh
How did Mitch Pass a wayObserved Marker OM
Yes it was horrible when mitch died yes but nonetheless we can't diss Eddie because he took over vocals that stupid as hell for you to do so and all of you so called fans should no mitch treats everyone respect and Eddie deserves respect as much as mitch like I don't see a problem with Eddie at all...Little Lion
Excuse me while I go cry like a bitch...Eden Thorn
Mitch wasnt generic he was a great deathcore vocalist he was a great person and he made a mistake and died i miss that man he is a legend and i will listen to suicide silence even if Eddie is the new vocalist someone had to. up the pieces and Eddie did they couldnt just let the band die and no band is complete without a frontman Kyle Jarvis
butterfly makeup is very popular.. but it's also related to monarch programming.summercide