Mitch Lucker Documentary

Rest In Power. Legends Never Die. Memorial Show Pre-Orders are Now Available at: Proceeds Going to the Kenadee Lucker Education Fund Coming February 18, 2014 to CD/BLU-RAY & CD/DVD EU Release Date is March 17, 2014 Directed By: Jeremy Schott Edited By: Jeremy Schott Camera By: Jeremy Schott / Steven Burhoe

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Mitch was a god among men. He loved his fans, he loved his music, he loved his band. He helped so many people through so much. He's everything I want to be as a man (minus the getting drunk out of rage part). He loved his daughter unconditionally, he loved his wife just as such. I look up to Mitch, I always have and always will. People hate on him and stuff but that's because they're too distracted with trying to tell HIM how to be a better person and not focused on making THEMSELVES a better person. It's a tragic thing that Mitch passed, but he definitely left his mark on this world. I miss him dearly. I met him after one of SS's shows and he was one of the most down to earth, understanding and loving people I'd ever met in my life. I have alot of respect for Mitch AND his family. Rest in peace Mitch. We all love you.DiaryofJane497
Been my favorite band since the Riverside days... RIP MitchbakerXderek
18:30 HAHAHAHAH the dog! That was awesome.Dethraxx
Mitch 4 ever tristananvilcaster
I only like a couple of songs by Suicide Silence. But Mitch Lucker is most definitely one of the most inspiring music artists out there. I'm completely touched after watching this.Ali McLean
I guess the hand of god struck him downDDeviled
Long live Mitch!!! Your legacy will remain forever !xSkyCityx
I'm not a Suicide Silence fan. But i am a metalhead. This was a good documentary. RIPMrMooseheadbeer
Good video on this horrible human being. He lead so many emo into cutting their wrists. Put that goddamm knife down!
My ex told me that he died. And I thought it was a prank ;-;BryanBloodrayne666
R.I.P Mitch Lucker we hope u had a great Life, Legends never die !! *SCREAAAAAM* We all love u !!DaH Ekoo
damn. i remember, the day after he got into the accident, my girlfriend at the time told me and i was in anime club in high school. i bawled right at the school. mitch was an amazing man, a fantastic father, and inspires me to be a great man like him. i love kids myself, when i become a father someday that kid(s) are gonna be number one to me aswell, and hopefully i will be in the music industry aswell. RIP Mitch, died too young manKenneth Scars
This just stabbed me in the heart, Took it out, In threw it in a fire... R.I.P Mitch Lucker...xXTheUnknownSoldierXx
I got to see Suicide Silence on tour with Korn and Mudvayne before Mitch died. They rocked it! RIP Mitch! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!Andrew Clark
Mitch Lucker is the Kurt Cobain of hardcore. I guess history really does repeat itself.DeathGrip0nYesterday
Am I the only one who feels like Mitch's wife doesn't really miss him?Sander Cohen
Most people here seem to care more about how Mitch died and ignore the most important thing of all. He was young, he was only 28 years old. He died at the same age as Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold (A7X). Come on now, people for real. Grow up, he made a mistake so what? You have made a mistake more than once too. Get fucking real damn it.pacxam11
The only thing that sucked worse than Mitch Lucker's music was his driving capabilities.John Smith
he died the same day a time my mum died! R.I.P mitchtaya annett
It makes me so sad that I started listening to them after he died, no chance to ever see him in concert.gobblinskillz
Ugh my ex hugged him :c ewwwDarkendSoulxXx
god damn does chris garza look like robert trujillo or whatM3X1CANxNINJA
I heard several times that Mitch said; "I hate my parents." or "I hate my mom." Does anyone know the reasons why?Ilias Joels
i still find it hard to believe that mitch is gone...shit, i never thought he would die, for real man, it's just like, so fucking wierd, i remember that day i was all happy, going out with some friends and then i see that fucking news "mitch lucker lead singer of suicide silence passed away" i was just like "no no no no this is a joke right? " fuck, i miss him, just thinking we will never see him again, he was so young, fucking hell..Rest in peace.DigMikeUp
I never liked Suicide Silence when The Cleansing came out I thought it was shit, but when I heard No Time to Bleed I thought that was the best album they had. I don't like that type of metal that much, but once I heard that it become my favorite album from them. I have a lot respect for Mitch and Suicide Silence.MichiganMike15