Mitch Lucker Documentary

Rest In Power. Legends Never Die. Memorial Show Pre-Orders are Now Available at: Proceeds Going to the Kenadee Lucker Education Fund Coming February 18, 2014 to CD/BLU-RAY & CD/DVD EU Release Date is March 17, 2014 Directed By: Jeremy Schott Edited By: Jeremy Schott Camera By: Jeremy Schott / Steven Burhoe

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I've only liked Suicide Silence a year. Listened to the Black Crown then other albums. But I remember when he died. I was into punk pop like All Time Low and shit like that. My friend who loved metal was crying. I cried with her. I didn't know why we were crying but then I learned. After listening and beginning to love what Suicide Silence created, just the thought of Mitch broke my heart. So for two years. I always stop what I'm doing. Close my eyes and always say the same thing " I miss you. But I'll see you one day. Whether it's 80 years from now or 8 minutes from now. Rest in peace." Mitch Lucker deserved so much more time on this earth. But I hope he'd stomping up in heaven. Rest in peace Mitch. Emily Sixx.
After a band member dies you don't replace them you either take down the band or carry on without him and make someone else do the vocals.The new front man for suicide silence is shit and he just took away all the excitement from the band.Eddie will never ever scream like Mitch.Mitch is the one who made suicide silence amazing you cant carry on what he did there is just no point.Niamh Carden
Mitch was a god among men. He loved his fans, he loved his music, he loved his band. He helped so many people through so much. He's everything I want to be as a man (minus the getting drunk out of rage part). He loved his daughter unconditionally, he loved his wife just as such. I look up to Mitch, I always have and always will. People hate on him and stuff but that's because they're too distracted with trying to tell HIM how to be a better person and not focused on making THEMSELVES a better person. It's a tragic thing that Mitch passed, but he definitely left his mark on this world. I miss him dearly. I met him after one of SS's shows and he was one of the most down to earth, understanding and loving people I'd ever met in my life. I have alot of respect for Mitch AND his family. Rest in peace Mitch. We all love you.DiaryofJane497
A year ago I was the guy who didn't like any of this hardcore, metalcore or deathcore and I would always hate on it and be a dick about it. I was pretty much just into the really mainstream metal bands like Disturbed. Back in May I was watching some pep rally at school with my friend and there was a bunch of boring country music and pop playing, and I didn't like it. My friend gave me an ear bud.I knew what he listened to was the music I was usually against, but I was feeling a bit more open than usual. I remember he played a few different bands, but most of all I remember when he played No Pity For A Coward by Suicide Silence. At this point in time I had already expanded my elitist music taste a little bit into metalcore, and I liked Of Mice and Men and A7X, and I even liked Attila at the time, they were closest thing to deathcore that I listened to. But I remember that I could barely hear No Pity For A Coward playing, but it seemed far heavier than anything I was used to, and I remember thinking how frightening the album art looked. I went home later and checked out The Cleansing. Deep down, I felt like I really liked it, and I was impressed at how heavy and explosive it sounded, and that the vocalist, who I didn't know about at the time, could do such things with his voice, yet at the same time I felt uncomfortable and a bit frightened. This was the heaviest, most aggressive music I had ever heard at the time. In the past I had heard classic death metal once or twice, and what I'm about to say is an unpopular opinion, but even that seemed far less aggressive and extreme as this. As much as it disturbed me at first, I felt like deep down inside I liked it, and at this point it had sparked in me that the vocals in this form of music isn't just talentless and effortless yelling like so many claim it is, and I used to agree. I abandoned the band for a couple of weeks because this music was far beyond what I was used to. Summer break had started a few days after my friend showed me the song, and it was about a week or so into the break that No Pity For A Coward had came back into my mind, and it led me to check out the song again, yet this time I was hooked. I began checking out the band more in depth, starting with the other full length albums they had released (at this time You Can't Stop Me was still a few weeks away from being released) and then moving on to check out their demos and the EP. Suicide Silence had me hooked and immediately became my favorite band. I remember having to go to summer camp about three weeks into the break and just having the songs stuck in my head, I couldn't wait to get home. I was not really home-sick, but just really needed to get out of there so I could listen to Suicide Silence again. It was sometime around this time, I don't know if it was before or after camp, that I learned about Mitch through the documentary, and it was pretty touching. My interest in this form of music soon led me to stumble across Chelsea Grin, and I really liked them, then Carnifex, then Whitechapel, then Job For A Cowboy, and so on. Now I have a couple dozen of favorite bands, and I just think back to how it all started with Suicide Silence, they are like the big bang that created the universe that is the music I'm so passionate about. Mitch turned out to be a very influential guy to me, and for months now I've been an admin on this huge facebook page called "R.I.P. Mitch Lucker". And I also keep thinking how I wished I was a fan for much longer, and how there would've probably been a chance that I could've met him. To this day, if somebody asked me what my favorite album by any band was, I'd probably have to say The Cleansing. The album is ground zero for my music taste, and No Pity For A Coward is the site of this "big bang". He shared some great views on that album, and while I think people who say this music "saved their life" are kinda full of it, his music was like therapy, and stuff like Suicide Silence really brings me up. The reason I came here is that I have start a research project on any American individual for my Honors English class, and I chose Mitch. He is an influential man and part of the reason while my views are so much different today than they were a half a year ago.Zlad The Impaler
Mitch Lucker deserved to dieMegaGoodoldtimes
Mitch lucker is the best, Eddie is just awful, Suicide Silence is currently dead nowadaysRebeca Espadas Anderson
Without this band I wouldn't be alive right now Braden Gray
I've only been a suicide silence fan for a year now but I love them and have all their albums. Mitch seems like a legend, A real nice down to earth guy. A guy you would love to have a pint with. A guy that treats his fans as his family while musicians like justin bieber treat his fans like shit by turning up 2 hours late to a concert then saying that there whinny gets more fans and respect the mitch and suicide silence do. Yes I like Eddie as with out eddie suicide silence would be dead but Mitch will always be the best. RIP Mitch Lucker. PsychZombie06
I can't believe it's been two years already. :(. We all miss you Mitch. Rest in power.aiyana hicken
Excuse me while I go cry like a bitch...Eden Thorn
This made me smileDraden Merenox
"The lives he's saved" with his suicidal, negative and hateful lyrical content. Haha, oh, the irony. DakodaSeth
How did Mitch Pass a wayObserved Marker OM
So where can I find the video for 16:55?Bri Fowl
Eddie:replacement for Mitch! Mitch: legend, great person, role model, the person that saved my life! Im only 13 but in LOVE with punk rock/ heavy metal shit! R.I.P Mitch! LEGENDS NEVER DIE! Dana Barnes
Ok you guys say eddie is shit no he's not he's good yes he's not Mitch no one will be as good as Mitch but he's not shit he's good you say your fans then stick with the fucking band. The band was not just Mitch I'm probably going to get hate for that but he is gone very sadly and he'd probably want the band to go on making music I'm not him so I don't know but stop hating on Eddie he's good yes he's not Mitch but he's good if you were into the band just for Mitch get out your not a true fan And let the hate on me begin martin janecke
Mitch even though your gone your legacy will carry onGabriel Lewis
Even tho Mitch ain't here... He will always remain in our minds and especially in our hearts <3 jbhtheduck
Love and miss you Mitch. And hope my donation helps Your Princess in life. Respects to your parents, your family, and Suicide Silence. Wherever you are, I'll meet you there.360DeathBlazE306
I guess Mitch lucker didn't have too much luck... codster guitaristHD
I need to find away if it is still possible to donate to the Kennedy fund. Cory Hagan
26:46 emon?brian 16
Crying over a guy you don't even know? You must be a fucking insane attention whore, just like the people at the kurt vigil and the Diana people. MyNameIsJonas
Dear god give us back Mitch and we will give you one direction!Trinton Welch
Mitch is and was a special guy ♡♥ we love you and miss you you will never be forgottenLaura dove