Mitch Lucker Documentary

Rest In Power. Legends Never Die. Memorial Show Pre-Orders are Now Available at: Proceeds Going to the Kenadee Lucker Education Fund Coming February 18, 2014 to CD/BLU-RAY & CD/DVD EU Release Date is March 17, 2014 Directed By: Jeremy Schott Edited By: Jeremy Schott Camera By: Jeremy Schott / Steven Burhoe

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I promise i'll tell my children about Mitch. I grew up with Suicide Silence.. Shit this hurts me everyday still.JOKE485
Mitch was a god among men. He loved his fans, he loved his music, he loved his band. He helped so many people through so much. He's everything I want to be as a man (minus the getting drunk out of rage part). He loved his daughter unconditionally, he loved his wife just as such. I look up to Mitch, I always have and always will. People hate on him and stuff but that's because they're too distracted with trying to tell HIM how to be a better person and not focused on making THEMSELVES a better person. It's a tragic thing that Mitch passed, but he definitely left his mark on this world. I miss him dearly. I met him after one of SS's shows and he was one of the most down to earth, understanding and loving people I'd ever met in my life. I have alot of respect for Mitch AND his family. Rest in peace Mitch. We all love you.DiaryofJane497
How did "Mitch" die?calpacks
Mitch lucker is the best, Eddie is just awful, Suicide Silence is currently dead nowadaysRebeca Espadas Anderson
Hahaha what a faggot. He got what he deserved and now he's burnin in hell lmaowardkdouglas
Arraysary g.
How did Mitch Pass a wayObserved Marker OM
Mitch sounds like a cool guy who obviously was taken too early, but corekids worship him like hes the best vocalist ever. Face it, half decent vocalist for a generic Deathcore band. Not a "legend" ThisisLies
Been my favorite band since the Riverside days... RIP MitchbakerXderek
Im going to tell my Children about Suicide Silence and im Going to Tell them what Great Guys they are <3 R.I.P Mitch you were Such an Inspiration so loving and caring <3 :'( +MastehUnicorn Bagelz Kiara Jade Sargisson
Mitch luker sucks ball!! fucking poser!!! just like everyone of you hardcore kids, you cocksuker sucks ball!!!!Wahyu Biantara
damn. i remember, the day after he got into the accident, my girlfriend at the time told me and i was in anime club in high school. i bawled right at the school. mitch was an amazing man, a fantastic father, and inspires me to be a great man like him. i love kids myself, when i become a father someday that kid(s) are gonna be number one to me aswell, and hopefully i will be in the music industry aswell. RIP Mitch, died too young manKenneth Scars
Fucking assholes in the comments... Just like I am on other videos :P RIP MitchBewbsAreAzum
Mitch 4 ever tristananvilcaster
Mitch was a man who everyone should look up too. He had his flaws but everyone does. Seeing this documentary I see how amazing of a man he was and only streagthend my belief that he shouldn't have died. I can't even think of words right now I'm crying so hard. I want him back. I need him back to tell him all the things he did for me. The world needs him back. TheWitbai
I guess the hand of god struck him downDDeviled
I still think about Mitch everyday. He helped me through so much shit in my life that its still unreal to think that hes really gone...Mitch will never be forgotten Sophia Sellner
Wait Mitch passed away?brenda cassa
Mitch Lucker is the Kurt Cobain of hardcore. I guess history really does repeat itself.DeathGrip0nYesterday
Ugh my ex hugged him :c ewwwDarkendSoulxXx
It's funny how sum of tall are just now finding out he's dead... After like a long ass time lolAlex Gardner
Right now I'm crying. Only cause my hero Mitch Lucker passed and sometimes, I wish he was here On this earth stopming away. You should've seen how devastated I was. When I heard he crashed, I geabbed my things and ran into the woods. But luckily I had my phone. I woke up on a bench around 6:30 A.M. to hear he didn't make it. I wish I could've took mitch's place. Cause then he would still live to see kena grow up. And now he can't cause he's in heaven. Mitch, I love you I can't wait to be up their someday with you stomping. When I went to your little ceremony that jolie made for you, I cried my heart out for you. Just one day, its going to happen to me I can feel it. I can feel it in my soul. I love you mitchypoosays keep stomping for me and your loving fans. Can't wait to be up their in heaven with you one day mitchy. I love you. Rest In Peace Mitch Lucker 1984-2012Jessica Barrientes