Gretchen Barretto: 'I don't hate my sister, I hate what she's doing'

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this is an early promo for star cinema's upcoming film in w/c greta will also star. so predictable of abs to make the public take greta's side.uncommoname
Geez..Life is very short.,you still have time to fight?..You gotta learn how to LET GO things..Anger,fighting,negative thinking, its eating up your cells to DEATH.smiley uy
relateCyril Cabriadas
sad :(Annabella Tanting
I'm with you Gretchen. Sorry, i didn't believe you before, but now, i do. I'll pray for you and your family.rober Tomkat
pretty but I have an overwhelming feeling that you should get your crooked teeth fixed,, im sure your partner can afford that.. malificent maldita
I don't believe Gretchen. I believe Claudine and Inday Baretto. Andromeda 29
I love gretchen! Sheryl Beatty
Plastic Gretchen..don't hate your sister but you did ruined her future when you told in the public that she's addict or not well..this case you should not pushed it into publicity because this is family should know that..Analiza Lozada
Totoo. Tama ang sabi ni Gretchen that Raymart is a good man and doesnt Deserve to be jailed. He is the only man who loved Claudine better n worst and Gretchen knows that, the reason whybshenis fightingnfor RAYMART shebknows that Raymartbis Claudine'sv ACE. Eden Bimbim
She is plainly PATHETIC!marvie basiliote
i really dont see sincerity of what gretchen is concerning about. Lissa Bajada
Bugbugin ko puke n Claudine ano?Playlist
Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28.. God bless you.Ruth Alabaso
Credibility? Anong credibility ni Gretchen eh parausang kabet na nga cya nanlalalake pa cya!beispielsweise weise
claudine is mom and dad's favoriteJennifer Jao
I want to hug Voce
Buti nga hinde xa kunsintidor na anak... Hind na maibabalik ang childhood nya. Hinde tlga lhat ibibigay sau. Enjoy nlang wat u have now. U r still fortunate in other aspect ... stay strong greta (^-^)/Febilyn Kinichun
I agree with u gretch Michael De leon
Nawala ang wrinkles sa face nya Maria Cristina
Its better to pray for them than to tell a bad comment. . Don't you know that every bad comment is you are the most and worst.. well pray for you baretto family that everything will be fine and back the old memories before and do continue like the presence. No more fighting. . Fighting each other nothing can do a good for you.. its only for worst. . Just pray to God.. and about Claudine hope that she will accept her mistakes and enaf fighting. . Have mercy of your kids.. they very affected..mary velasco
gretchen, very beautiful inside and out...lan mar
how about you? Anong ginwa mo kay bong revilla?John Smith
very well said gretchen ...Angel Jang