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Susmaryosep, halatang halata na puro kasinungalingan ang pinag sasasabi ni Gretchen. If her parents were as bad as she says they are, e bakit ung ibang kapatid nya close sa parents nila. Natural lang naman na may sigawan sa pamilya, masyado lang syang mareklamo. I feel sorry for her.Batang Palilo
You can tell Gretchen was telling the truth here. Gretchen is not that great of an actress to pull that kind of 'acting' off. No offence ha.. I still think she's fabulous and intriguing... and my god! so beautiful! I sincerely hope all goes well in their family even though it all really is NONE of our business....oneuniqueusername
I believe her dahil may parents talagang ganyan at alam ko shes tellin the truth.. ang di lang maganda e naging public lahat lahat prayers for all of youleovhia de jesus
Napaiyak din tuloy ako sa Greta. kawawa pala cya.111174 vales
Honest opinion, Baretto sisters won't be fighting like this if maganda ang foundation ng family nila based sa pagpapalaki ng magulang. I believe Gretchen, she stumbled along the way yes. But she speaks the truth of what she's been through. Who are we to judge?Wise Words
when i was young that was in 1990's i looked that the fingers of gretchen barreto are sagad sa trabaho unlke sharon cuneta na parang candle ang daliri 'ika nga' kaya sa tingin ko masipag itong si gretchen nung bata pa what may point is i think mabait naman siya.dennis suson
Yes i believe her kc k8 san mo tingnan na anggulo c claudine wla na sa katinuhan...Khr Katao
Sa kanilang tatlong mag kakapatid pinaka maganda talaga si gretchen iba ung beauty nya talaga eh para syang koreana Watcharasak Dongphong
Barretto family have fame, money and all goodlooling and yet. while thers financially poor families but with full Love and Respect to each other #LifeAaron Dela Torre HD
I believe her...Monabelle Enriquez
Gretchen Barretto: 'I don't hate my sister, I hat…: Serapion
Simula ng lumipat c claudine sa GMA nagwasak carrier nya saka lulong sa druga what happen?excuse me lang po sa mga taga GMA artist na iba ..PERO BUT NOW IDOL KO PARIN C MISS CLAUDINE PAG SA ACTINGAN!!!Mon Aripin
Negative comments from insensible people. Do you think its easy for a public figure like gretchen to tell thr world that their family since she was a kid is a turmoil. Its difficult from her part. For me I stand up and give her bunch of upload she stand gor what is the truth and never tolerate her mom and sister's unbecoming behaviour agsinst raymart and to think of it they think what will happen for the kids future. At least since from the very start she admitted that she's a mistress and never been hypocrite about her sys with her husband. She's one example of a person wjo stands out for the truth and brave enough to face yhe consequences. Grow up people learn yo assess sheree Pastores
hey! guys! cant you see that gretchen is very sincere from what shes telling? eh kc naman were living in a world of judge mentality!! we can say that past is past but the phobia is still there so... why not give the barreto sisters a good advice for them to be fixed... haixt....mucho-echo rimando
please tell me....cuz am not sure....JL VISION ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD.
I can feel what she's talking..she's serious...Dindin Tiu
shes very sincere...napakatotoo lang talaga ni gretchen...nyli ang
Claudine Barretto is dead?JL VISION ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD.
kwawa nman si Gretchen, all problem is from the parents because parents is one to teach a good moral values inside at home.josie away
Plastic Gretchen..don't hate your sister but you did ruined her future when you told in the public that she's addict or not well..this case you should not pushed it into publicity because this is family should know that..Analiza Lozada
Gretchen Barretto: 'I don't hate my sister, I hat…: !!!Hely Serapion
I cannot stop my tears drop :'(Rachil Lutz
gretchen bakit maganda ka pa rin kahit umiiyak ka? je je je jemhel decena