Upgrade Firmware Apacer AL460 to AL670 Firmware

http://www.apacer.com/en/support/downloads/AL670_FW_BY23_2.7.0323.ap2p.rar Upgrade Firmware Apacer AL460 to AL670 Firmware

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Zdravej! Kak tochno stava tova? Trjabva da se svyrje s PC ili kak ? Interesuvame i vyprosa za kirilizacijata syshto. Moja e kupen ot BG i ima CYR i LAT. Udobno e kogato gledash s BG sub.Han Solo
Been trying to upgrade but have had no luck just keeps loading back into the main screen of AL460 :(Renji Hashimoto Alaso
@asasi83 true! but otherwise messing with custom yaffsyiffs bricked mine. the firm 460 to 670 it worked , and i found it on youtube out of all places. Goodluck! AngelTvpuntNL
nice video mate , I just downloaded the latest firmware for AL460 from the Apacer website - it is from January 2011 and it looks the same.Todor Andreev
upgrade successful!! beware once you upgrade to AL670 firmware there's no coming back...ivandot
What's the point to upgrade to AL670 firmware? Does it start playing DTS files?Eimantas Morkūnas
not working. its fakeAlenas IcZin
How did you get the full download link? from homepage I am getting sqlException all the time....ronnixw
search in google " bc_alpha12.7z " Bast Castle v1.8, good Firmware for AL 460 , Youtube, IPTV, apache and more. Thx me :) ctaptuk
worked for me (better interface, not sure what is real improvement), but still no sound when i play .mkv files :( although it plays all .mkv files now... Install: load firmware file install.img onto mem. stick and through apacer settings get to upgrade and it does it all on it's own after. Video shows just about what will happen.lunarpeople
Hi I have the Apacer AL460 Media Player and downloaded the latest firmware i.e by23_3.3.0106.app. I unrar the copmressed file and copy it the usb( i.e contain pdf "instruction file" and "install" (image file)). The Apacer wont let me upgrade the firmware. Does the " install " file need to change to "installing.img"? Any advice is appreciatedJoseph H.D Khuong
Beware...I didn't try this myself but this looks like the upgrade with the new AL460 firmware released on 13 Jan 2011 which I have just done...I'd say you'll brick it if you try and upgrade with the AL670 firmwareFiachnaG
i wonder what firmare version of AL670 is?? i went to apacer downloads and fount 2 version of firmare update 1.AL670 Firmware BY23.2.7.0323.ap date of release: 4/30/2010 2.AL670_by23_2.9.0716.ap2p date of release : 8/3/2010 .. wich one should i put??? does it matter anyway???? thanx for the videofiju BRIJU
@AngelTvpuntNL Hi m8 i was wondering you wrote that you have successfully upgradet firmware on al460 to al670 i was wondering is it fake or is it true any answer would be appreciated cause i dont want to brick it :) thx in advance best regards !!! asasi83
Reageren op deze video... ps. connect usb keyboard , press the F keys to surf the webAngelTvpuntNL
funkin awesome!! succesfully upgraded. i'm playing around with this device with the info on ryan apohd. hope to see more people poke at this cheap but potent device :) AngelTvpuntNL
това си е официален firmware за aL460 , не както тук качват версия за по-скъпия модел. Качвай , няма нищо да гръмне. Todor Andreev
изтегли най--новия firmware от тук "eu.apacer.com/support/download/result/0,0,0,al460" сложи го на флаш памет и после както е от видеото ибери да се инсталира. Какво за кирилицата? - слагаш субтитрите и ги ги пуска и на БГ във филм-а, няма драма.Todor Andreev
How can i setup wireless ??RAJESH BARUA