How to completely uninstall WWW.OUTFOX.TV from computer

This video is a Outfox Free TV removal guide. Deleting from Mozilla Firefox 0:33 - 2:12, deleting from Google Chrome 2:13 - 2:50, deleting from IE 2:51 - 3:29. Remove outfoxtv manually and easy :) SpyHunter – antimalware download link (can find registry keys and files that can cause Outfox TV) Additional information about registry keys and folders added by Outfox Free TV: folders: C:\Program Files\OutfoxTV C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\OutfoxTV registry keys: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\OutfoxTV HKLM\SOFTWARE\OutfoxTV HKU\S-1-5-21-4166692921-2538036398-54097040-1000\Software\OutfoxTV
Author:PC Fix Help

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+OutfoxTv oh yeah then why would the million users want to get rid of this app so badly thats what i thoughtQuentin Javary
Or just use the inbuilt uninstaller, which is free and quicker than the steps shown.Webhelp OutfoxTV
Why does Outfox have to setup a free uninstaller? I found Outfox in over 5 locations AFTER I used the uninstaller. It is CRAP that I have to waste my time with your pitiful program. Look at all the people that are having problems with your service. It has been called a TV hijack, VIRUS, DOZENS of HOW TO videos on removing your program. Sadly you and your company are the problem...not us.Sam Eng
I thought I was the only one infected! iiCrazyTeddy - Gaming, Graphics, and More!
Oh thank you for this video! :)SwordofHeaven89
Please help. I tried to do the last step in deleting the folder and it still says its open in another programzGalaxyMotionz
Why is this website allowed to exist? I saw adverts on there for Snickers and M&M's. The site should be closed down, not funded by major corporations.raw shark
Awesome vid PC Fix Help! I followed all the steps for IE (Win 8.1) and I've here's where I'm at: 1. Outfox has been uninstalled from the Control Panel. 2. It's not present in the registry. 3. It has been disabled on Toolbars & Extensions but it's still present after rebooting (just disabled). So I'm no longer getting the annoying lower-right popup on every page I navigator to, but I'm wondering how I remove this unwanted residual (wondering if it's hiding under some other name in the registry)? Thank you!GHCH2727
Thanks for uploading this video, it did the job.Tanya Beaumont
PLEASE HELP i uninstalled it but it still shows up on the notification area icons its there logo and next to it says desktopcontainer.exe helpp plzboom shika
So what do I do when all fails? It's still in my control panel. I can't uninstall this. I deleted everything I could, even the Slanderman game that put it there. This video was of no help. Programs and Features when trying to uninstall says An error occurred while trying to uninstall OutfoxTV. It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove OutfoxTV from the Programs and Features list? I click yes, then it tells me, You do not have sufficient access to remove OutfoxTV from the Programs and Features list. Please contact your system administrator. But I am on the System administrator.Amanda Stewart
Outfox tells you to use the does NOT is hidden in many places...follow the PC fix to totally uninstall this VIRUS.Sam Eng
I've deleted it from chrome but it doesn't appear in the control panel? help!Anna Rogan
Tried these steps and was almost done...Then tried to remove folder from program files and am now being told "action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is opened in another program" To my knowledge this is not the case. UGH!!Cher Peadon
Second to last step*zGalaxyMotionz
The OutfoxTvService and OutfoxTvUpdater are still in the folder. I followed all steps. Please helpzGalaxyMotionz
Thanks, this helped a lot. FUCK YOU OUTFOX.TV, you are the stupidest thing ever! Favorited this video and subbed :)TheTerrariaDude
Helped me uninstall some other trojon, and virus crap. Outfox, apparently doesn't approve of non administrators with no passwords.Dat Tomboy Gamer Doe
Thank you for this. Drove me crazyJustin Butcher
I found this and I'm gonna get rid of itKelby LKG
i hate outfoxtv ;lDima dip
great vidSTUtheSKATER
Its A Virus!Csk K
AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!!delester123